• Passion and Purpose

  • Pinpoint Your Passions

  • Align and Thrive

  • Unlock Your Purpose

  • Passion and Purpose

  • Pinpoint Your Passion

  • Align and Thrive

  • Unlock Your Purpose

    Sally Gray Passion Programme Facilitator

Let’s take the first step on your pathway to purpose.

Imagine yourself in your ultimate life.
Waking up for a fulfilling job, living your passions every day, relishing in positive relationships, and being the best damn version of you.

I’m here to help you visualise a life you’ll love, then create a path towards making it your reality. Whether you’re in need of a one-on-one, group session, or custom programme, I can create the space you need to find clarity and genuine happiness – with a few tricks up my sleeve to nudge you in the right direction.

Take a look around, then take the first step towards finding your passion and purpose today.
Go on.


A private space where it’s all about you, created online or in person.


These smaller group sessions provide a fun, interactive opportunity to get crystal clear on your passions and purpose.


Ideal for those with unique needs – previously created for schools, government agencies, corporates and retreats.

Hello there, I’m Sally Gray

You might be wondering who the heck I am to be helping you find your purpose. Sure – I’m a life enthusiast, traveller, certified 'Passion Test' facilitator and renowned speaker, but more importantly, I’m you. I fought through the clutter of not knowing my true purpose and turned my hopes and dreams into my reality. Now, my passion is helping you to find yours.

Today I’m excited to offer you my unique and personalised process, working from the insights gained throughout my certification and study of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and health and wellbeing. Together, we will explore what makes you genuinely happy and start building a life you’ll love. Ready?

What’s in it for you?

Whatever your background and wherever you’re at,  my unique process is designed to help you move towards a more fulfilled and inspired life. This can include;

  • Clarity about what real happiness means to you. And by real happiness, I mean real happiness.
  • Insight into what ‘success’ looks like for you and how to move towards it.
  • More fulfilling relationships.
  • Everyday ways to start living your passions now.
  • Steps for prioritising your purpose.
  • Recognising your own unique talents.
  • The ability to create meaningful work and career opportunities.
  • Thriving wellbeing and life enhancing change.
  • Getting into action and seeing results.
  • A better appreciation for what you have achieved so far.

Sound like a plan?  Thinking ‘yes, yes, yes please’?

“Sally has a natural ability to guide people thru this process with warmth and kindness. Helping people get clear on their purpose is Sally’s true calling. In any space she occupies expect contagious positivity, searching questions and plenty of honesty and laughter.”

Jess Eastwood, New Zealand