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Custom Workshop

My unique programme, tailored to you

Custom Group Workshops are a wonderful way of bringing people together to explore their individual passions and purpose in a fun, supportive team environment.

To ensure every individual reaps the benefits of my personalised programme, I begin by working to evaluate the needs of those involved, then create a structured custom group experience where everyone can achieve their desired results.

Whether you’re coworkers, family, friends or teammates, I lead each session with my unique blend of practical tools, knowledge and experience to create an interactive, engaging and effective workshop.

Custom Workshops have been successfully crafted for schools, government agencies, corporates and retreats. Tell me about your requirements below, then let’s create the space for your group to identify their passions, purpose and talents, and begin the journey towards living a life they’ll truly love.

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Zoom Online Workshop or In Person

Please complete the Enquiry Form below with details of the Custom Group Workshop you require.

Not quite ready to create a life you’ll love?  Join me for a free informal 20-minute intro talk via Zoom to learn about what this course offers.  BOOKINGS: Free 20-minute Zoom Intro Session with Sally Gray

Custom Workshops

‘The course helped to refine the steps I need to take to achieve my goals. What helped me most was Ranking our top 6 passions and the one-on-one session because it gave me more of an idea of how to make my ideas more practical. I think it’s a very helpful tool for students who are not completely sure what they want to do after Year 13. Thanks so much, Sally the course was very helpful!’

– Jamie

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